The deadly Ebola virus has spread through several West African countries in the past 3 months, ampoule leaving approximately one thousand-five hundred dead and counting. In Liberia, a country that has been hard hit among its health workers, efforts to contain the virus have been largely unsuccessful. Many native people either think that Ebola is a Western-invented manipulation, do not recognize the virus as a real health threat, or do not report Ebola-like symptoms for fear of alienation and stigmatization. To make matters worse, the average Liberian citizen does not have access to a vehicle, safe running water, or electricity, let alone the internet or international news outlets.

The Center for Peace Education (CPE), a 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization dedicated to teaching peace and fostering peaceful co-existence and harmony among war-affected communities in Liberia, is working to address this health crisis. CPE volunteer teachers, who are not in the classroom because schools are closed, have already begun an awareness campaign in Montserrado County, the seat of the national capital.

To this end, CPE has designed educational materials to teach people about the true impact of the virus, how it is spread, and effective means of prevention. In order for this information to reach as many people as possible, CPE is kindly requesting financial assistance from the general public to help facilitate its awareness and sensitization campaign. Funds raised will also be used to purchase supplies (e.g., rubber buckets, plastic gloves, Clorox bleach, water barrels, and soap) that will encourage people to wash their hands frequently and take precautions in their interactions with others.

Thank you very much for giving attention to our request.