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At the Center for Peace Education (CPE), we are always in dire need of in-kind support, either through professional services and/or goods.

Your professional service is highly appreciated and welcomed. For example: you can be a mentor to our pupils, a motivator through by adopting a pen pal (unfortunately, CPE pupils in Liberia do not have regular access to computers), an accountant to help with CPE’s bookkeeping and taxes, a researcher to help find funders or donors to support CPE programs, office assistants; whatever professional skills you have, CPE has a meaningful place for you to make a difference.

Furthermore, your in-kind donations through goods are also valuable to sustaining CPE. For example, donations of old clothes are provided to CPE pupils, school supplies and books, assist in training activities, help build the CPE library, even cars and other equipment are useful as well; whatever goods you have that may not be useful to you, could definitely make an enormous difference in the lives of children, youth, and vulnerable adults affected by years of vicious civil war and conflict.

Whatever professional services and/or goods you can offer are never too insignificant or small to help realize CPE’s mission to build peaceful non-violent societies.

For further information on how you could be of help to CPE through your professional services and/or goods, please do not hesitate to contact CPE at: