Teachers Testimonials

The Center for Peace Education (CPE) trained teaching staff in conflict resolution, pills peer mediation, and non-violence which incorporated Liberian laws, traditions, and mores that encouraged co-existence and methods of resolving conflict and how to apply these in post-conflict societies or settings.

CPE’s teaching staff comprises both male and female adult teachers. Most of CPE teachers in Liberia have had a first-hand experience with the 14-year civil war, with some of them having been direct victims of the war. All of CPE teachers are volunteers and don’t earn a salary. But when funding permits, CPE provides them with some transport allowance. Hopefully, this will change into salaries when CPE received donors funding.

At the end of the academic year, teachers usually gather for a week-long seminar in order to debrief, plan, and strategize. The suggestions from the teachers are incorporated into the overall curriculum so that it might better reflect the current dynamic and realities in schools and communities as they relate to post-conflict peace-building endeavors.

Our teachers have demonstrated unwavering commitment to the cause of building a peaceful Liberia and expressed their joy to be able to inculcate in their pupils the skills, attitudes, knowledge, and concepts relevant to build a culture of peace.

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