Campaing toSupport CPE

The Center for Peace Education (CPE) is a small, non-governmental organization with one goal: to break the cycle of violence and build a Culture of Peace in communities and societies which are engulf and/or emerging from civil conflict.

CPE is focused, determined, and committed to make its aim a reality. Wherever there is a will, there is absolute strength to carry on.

As such, every day is a day of campaigning for CPE. Today is your day to carry out an act of kindness or benevolence that directly impacts the lives of war-affected children by providing them the opportunity to access to an education that imparts in them knowledge and skills of peaceful and harmonious co-existence with other people.

Any amount of financial support from you will definitely help CPE continue to provide peace education in order to enhance and foster lasting peace in conflict-affected communities and post-conflict societies.

For further information on how you could make your tax-deductible contribution, please contact CPE at: