Being a volunteer for CPE does not require you to have a background in education, peace, or conflict resolution.


Any person with a professional background

For example:

  •   Medical professionals  could lecture on the importance of healthy lifestyles and sanitation
  •  Teachers/Professors  could discuss the importance of developing lesson plans in a broader context as it relates to life
  • Those with a financial background  could speak to the need for a balanced budget and the importance of living within one’s  means
  • A mechanic  could lecture on topics ranging from car maintenance to road safety

So no matter your professional background, there is room for you to contribute to post-conflict reconstruction.

You can volunteer to organize a benefit event, host a benefit event at your home / apartment or research funding opportunities.

In sum, the gift of your time and effort is always welcome, no matter what your expertise

For further information on how you could help this post-conflict peace-building imitative, please do not hesitate to contact CPE at: Info@peaceedu.org