The Center for Peace Education (CPE) focuses on education, and in particular the role of peace education in post-conflict reconstruction in conflict affected communities. CPE works directly with children affected by war and those born post-war in post-conflict societies such as Liberia who are struggling to come to terms with effects of a long war and etch a future for themselves from the ruins of that war. Currently, CPE is conducting peace education classes in schools attended by war-affected children and also local communities for children who cannot afford to go to schools in Liberia.

CPE offers unpaid or self-sponsored internship placements for students, in particular graduate students and researchers who want to conduct field research and/or gain hands-on experience in the area of Education and Conflict, Post-Conflict Education, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Post-Conflict Peace-building, War-Affected Children in Post-Conflict Societies, Community-Driven Development in Post-Conflict Societies, Post-Conflict Reconciliation, and Peace and Conflict Resolution. Interns or volunteers help CPE in a variety of ways, including….

For further information on how you to apply and help CPE build non-violent societies while gaining valuable skills, knowledge, and field experience through work and/or research please do not hesitate to contact us at Info@peaceedu.org