The Center for Peace Education (CPE) conducts one-month long courses for those interested in gaining deeper knowledge and understanding about establishing the culture of peace in post-conflict societies. These trainings are held once a year and are free and open to the general public in Liberia.

Participants become volunteer teachers, trainers, store and facilitators in their local communities and schools. In addition, they help to spread the message of peace and encourage victims as well as perpetrators to live in harmony with each other.

CPE believes that building the capacity of local communities in peace education and knowledge and skills in conflict resolution will go a long way to addressing the structural causes of violence and conflict. This in turn will enhance the prospects of Liberians embracing and cherishing a culture of peace.

Our capacity building efforts are currently being hampered by lack of resources, including financial resources. Currently, CPE rents a small office space that facilitators, teachers, and participants use as a resource center but with support from well-wishers, we hope to build the Peace Library which will have a permanent office space for staff.