21 September of every year is the International Day of Peace. This day was first promulgated by the United Nations General Assembly vide resolution A/RES/36/67 of 30 November 1981 as the International Year of Peace and the International Day of Peace. By this resolution the General Assembly declared the third Tuesday of September, the opening day of the regular sessions of the General Assembly, rx ‘to be officially proclaimed and observed as International Day of Peace and shall be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.’

However, by resolution A/RES/55/282 of 7 September 2001, the United Nations General Assembly decided to give the International Day of Peace (World Peace Day) a fixed calendar date of 21 September of every year and declare this date as an annual non-violence and cease-fire. The day is dedicated to peace and particularly the absence of war and violence of any kind, shape, or form.

Over the years, the Center for Peace Education (CPE) has commemorated World Peace Day and used the day as an opportunity for both victims and perpetrators to go through a therapeutic process of togetherness, discussion, and shared experiences in their post-conflict communities.

Students who are taking peace education as a single subject and people who are enrolled in CPE’s Peer Mediation training demonstrate their knowledge and skills and through a peace parade, dramas, music, art, poetry, traditional dance, sports activities, and prayers for “World Peace”.

Some of the themes CPE has used over the years to memorialize World Peace Day include “Be An Example of the Peace You Want to See in Liberia; Votes Not Violence; and Only Peace Will be My Guide”.