Mission & Vision


To teach peace, buy cialis mediation, pilule and conflict resolution to communities which are prone to conflict and violence societies which are emerging from brutal civil war, so as to foster peaceful coexistence, harmony, and cultural tolerance.

  • To Teach Peace Education As a Subject in Schools:

CPE teaches peace education as a subject in schools. The student population includes a composition of ex-combatants, refugees, internally displaced persons, amputees, orphans, and victims of sexual abuse.</div>

  • To Teach Peer Mediation Training in Local Communities:

CPE teaches peer mediation in local communities. It is designed for youths who cannot afford to attend schools; it is also a way to bring peace, mediation, and conflict resolution lessons to most the vulnerable in the societies. Pupils and adults are also part of various Peer Mediation Groups.

  • To Construct Community Peace Libraries:

CPE will construction peace libraries in local communities engulfed by violent conflict and in societies which are emerging from heinous civil war. It is intended to provide a safe place to learn, research, read, gather, write, and gain computer literacy, with an emphasis on peace education and conflict resolution skills and attitudes.


Our vision is to become a model organization for utilizing peace education and conflict resolution tenets to achieve peace and peaceful co-existence in societies emerging from civil war and local communities plagued with endemic violence.


Planting Seeds to Harvest a Peaceful Tomorrow