Since the fall of 2009, CPE has reached over five thousand pupils (5, 000) in eight schools. CPE teaches in grades three through grade twelve. Because of the Liberian 14-year civil war, the age of the students may vary from twelve to twenty-seven. The schools are located in St. Paul Bridge, Ray Hill Field, Gbanjor, Brewerville, VOA Camp I, Parker Corner, and Moulton Corner communities all of which are in Montserrado County.

In all of the schools were CPE is teaching, the pupils population comes from diverse backgrounds: ex-combatants, refugees, internally displaced persons, amputees, orphans, and victims of sexual abuse. The task to inculcate in these pupils, who have only known violence throughout their lives, new ideals about peaceful co-existence and a rejection of violence as anti-social behaviour is a challenge. Notwithstanding, with the unwavering dedication of the CPE volunteer teachers, pupils are beginning to acknowledge and accept the concept of peace.

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