Peer Mediation Groups

During the 14-year Liberian civil war, many parents were killed or went missing, and family homes were destroyed. In the absence of parental care and guidance, many children were abducted by rebel groups who compelled them to become rebel fighters, ammunition porters, and in some cases sex slaves. When the Liberia civil conflict ended in August 2003, the war left hundreds of thousands of abused children without parents, let alone a place they can call a home.

Today, most of these children live in orphanages, with relatives, or on the streets. Since these children do not have the means and cannot afford to attend school, so CPE decided to bring the peace education curriculum to the community through our Peer Mediation Groups.

Through the Peer Mediation teachings participants learn about the underlying causes of violence, both direct and indirect, knowledge and skills needed to identify the symptoms of violence, to resolve conflict peacefully if it arises, and to live a non-violent lifestyle. The Peer Mediation teachings in the communities are open and free to community members that include youth, adults, and elders, irrespective of religious differences, ethnic background, or geographic location.