Who We Serve

CPE serves communities which are emerging from a 14-year civil war that tore the very fabric of Liberian society. In addition, we work with communities that are prone to violence and violent behaviour generally. Our primary focus is youth and our programs help them to learn and understand the concept of peace and the significance of peace to socio-economic development and the realization of their dreams and what the future may hold for them. In so doing, we hope to break the vicious cycle of violence that permeates these communities and build a Culture of Peace.

CPE works directly with the following categories of youth:

  • Ex-combatants,
  • Refugees,
  • Internally Displaced Persons,
  • Amputees,
  • Orphans, and
  • Victims of sexual abuse.

To join us in this noble cause, please do not hesitate to contact CPE at: Info@peaceedu.org