CPE serves communities which are emerging from a 14-year civil war that tore the very fabric of Liberian society. In addition, we work with communitie….
We serve because we want a peaceful world, where every person and community lives in peace and harmony with each other as citizens of one ….
The Center for Peace Education (CPE), despite the bottlenecks it has faced, such as inability to consistently provide transport allowances to ….
Over the years the Center for Peace Education (CPE) has welcomed international practitioners and researchers to Liberia who have been involved….
Whe Center for Peace Education (CPE) has an outreach program which includes institutions of high learning, such as Universities and Colleges….
The Center for Peace Education (CPE) is a small, non-governmental organization with one goal: to break the cycle of violence and build a Culture of ….

Benefit Event 5 August 2017 @ 5pm - Click to View

In celebration of Liberia’s 170th Independence Day, you are cordially invited to the

Center for Peace Education Annual Benefit Event on Sat August 5th @ 5pm.

RSVP at <info@peaceedu.org> for detailed event info.

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